Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ALP Update & Narrative Report?

The ALP Update & Narrative Report is the short- and long-term development concept for the airport. It is the local airport planning document to be used as guidance in planning for airport facility needs over a 20-year time period.

What is the Purpose of an ALP Update & Narrative Report?
  • Provide a visioning document to guide airport management and other decision makers regarding development of the airport over the next 20 years.
  • Address local and national changes in the aviation industry that could impact priorities at Brewster Field
  • Identify and plan for potential capital projects, in advance, so that coordination, approvals, financing, design and construction can take place in a timely manner
  • Develop a plan that addresses FAA and airport priorities
  • To have a current and approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP) on file with FAA so that the City of Holdrege can apply for federal grant funding
  • To increase stakeholder/public awareness of the airports' goals and objectives
  • To maintain communication and capital project discussions with FAA and airport stakeholders
  • To document justification for FAA funding of specific projects, where it exists, and to provide triggers that would justify planned future projects
Why is Brewster Field Completing an ALP Update & Narrative Report?

The FAA recommends that public use facilities such as Brewster Field update their master plan every 7-10 years or as local aviation conditions change. In order to apply for and receive federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant funds, an updated and FAA-approved ALP must be on file.

Who is Preparing the ALP Update & Narrative Report?

Coffman Associates, a national aviation consulting firm specializing in airport planning studies, was selected following a qualifications-based selection process.

Who is Funding the Plan?

The study is being funded by the Nebraska Department of Transportation – Aeronautics Division.

What are the Components of the ALP Update & Narrative Report?
  • Existing Airport Inventory
  • Aviation Activity Forecasts (to be approved by FAA)
  • Facility Requirements
  • Development Alternatives
  • Recommended Master Plan Concept
  • Capital Improvement Program/Financial Plan
  • Land Use Compatibility Analysis
  • Airport Layout Plan (to be approved by FAA)
How can I Get Involved and Stay Informed?

All pertinent project materials, including draft submissions, are posted to this website on the Documents page. You can also leave a comment on the Comments page.